Super Mario Helicopter is Pretty Much a Mario Drone

Mario wings to the sky!

Carrera is know for their fun Mario Kart toys, but at Toy Fair this year, they weren’t interested in staying on the ground. Mario and friends are taking to the skies with these mini-helicopters.

Instead of a wing cap, Mario gets a couple of rotors to propel his caped self up into the sky. But, these toys are more like classic remote control helicopters than the newer crop of drones — there’s no camera or an app for control. Instead, they come with their own remotes, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They look a bit easier to fly than most drones, at least, which hopefully means fewer crashes for Mario. After all, I think we all remember what happens when the wing cap fades away too soon.

We only saw a Mario and a Yoshi helicopter at the Carrera booth. Both come with little brick and ‘?’ block stands, although those don’t double as chargers — the toys do come with their own charging cables, though. Not sure when we can expect these yet or for how much, but we’ll keep an eye out.