23 Super Mario Bros. Inspired Shoes That Are Worth Spending Your Coins On

23 Kicks to Wear While Playing Super Mario Run Instead of Nintendo Vans

Side-scroll your way into Super Mario Run fashion with these 22 kicks to kick Bowser butt in. Slip on a pair of one of these heels or sneakers, grab a “?” Prize Block, and save the day. Who needs those flashy Nintendo Vans when you have all of these steezy Mario picks to choose from?

Mario Party Glitter Heels


These heels are Princess Peach approved. Every character is here in roll call to cheer you on for a perfect night out…or even better, a perfect night in playing Super Mario anything.

Siegda/Etsy – $120

Super Mario on High-Top Converse


If heels aren’t your thing, don’t be a Koop. These detailed black high tops will help you jump backwards on a Boo for extra style points and coins.

JJCustomDesigns/Etsy – $120

Super Smash Bros Shoes


The entire gang shows up to represent on these ombre Vans. Whether your go-to pick is Bowser or the Ice Climbers, these shoes are bound to show off your gaming skills and your true geeky Super Mario love.

MakahiloMade/Etsy – $115

Super Mario Princess Peach Pop Art Shoes


Lace up with these hand-painted Converse high-tops, featuring the first romance we all shipped for, Mario and Peach. Your princess isn’t in another castle, she’s on your right shoe!

krazykicks/Etsy – $110

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