Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show With 300 Dancing Drones Had Help from Intel

The drone show wasn’t live, though.

Yesterday was the Super Bowl, and Lady Gaga gave an incredible halftime performance because she’s a consummate professional and that’s what she does. Her coming down from the roof, giving shouts out to her mom and dad mid-song, rocking the classics, and ending everything with a mic spike probably would have been enough, but she got a little help from Intel anyway.

Gaga led off with a combination of “God Bless America” and “This Land is Your Land” while on the roof of Houston’s NRG Stadium, against the backdrop of swirling lights that formed up into the United States flag just before Gaga hopped down into the stadium. Those lights were 300 of Intel’s drones, running choreography off a program made just for the Super Bowl — the same kind of program that shaped the drone lights into the Intel and Pepsi logos in a short spot after the performance.

Turns out, we’ve seen those drones before. They’re the same Shooting Star drones Intel used during their Starbright Holidays show that was running at Disney World during the holiday season. The lightweight, styrofoam drones are all equipped with color-changing LED lights and can fly together for about 20 minutes before the drones’ batteries start to tap out.

But, unlike the Disney World show, the Super Bowl performance was just for the viewers at home. Due to FAA regulations specific to the stadium, the drones couldn’t fly while in that area, at that altitude, or above the number of people attending the game. Instead, Intel had the show recorded previously, which was then stitched into the live broadcast.

Still pretty cool, and as we were before, we’re totally excited to see what kind of drone shows Intel and others will be putting on in the near and far future!

Via Wired

Image of flag: Intel