Here’s a Look at the All-New Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy’s latest comeback could be his best one yet.

Teddy Ruxpin, the animatronic storytelling teddy bear extraordinaire, has never really gone away. But, since his heyday in the late ’80s, Teddy’s follow-up appearances haven’t always gone well — comeback attempts have been undone by business struggles and outdated cartridges as he’s been passed from toy company to toy company. Last year, we heard that Wicked Cool Toys is the latest company to team up with Teddy, and we finally got to meet him at this year’s Toy Fair. We like what we see!

Not much has changed since word got out about the new Teddy last year. Most importantly, that means that new Teddy is just like old Teddy at heart — he tells stories, and his mouth moves along with the words. Even better, in addition to licensing Teddy from Alchemy II, Wicked Cool Toys got their hands on Teddy’s original voiced stories, so he sounds just like he did in the ’80s — pretty cool for parents who had Teddy when they were kids.

The only difference is that he’s getting some help from modern technology. His eyes are now small LCD displays that can move or become things like snowflakes or hearts to match the story he’s telling. Instead of use cassette tapes or cartridges, his stories are now stored on a hard drive hidden away within Teddy, which also makes him a little more cuddly than previous versions. A squeeze of his hand will move on to the next story, while a squeeze on his foot will start a sing-along (his foot also has stitching of Ken Forsse’s signature, the creator of Teddy Ruxpin who sadly passed away a few years ago).

While Teddy’s 4 GB hard drive can hold ten stories, he’ll only come with three. Other stories can be purchased on a companion app, which also includes illustrations, words to the story, and songs — it’s basically a modern replacement for the companion books Teddy used to have. Expect Teddy, the app, and his stories to be available sometime this fall.