The Thimble is No Longer a Monopoly Token

We’re not shocked.

As much as I’d like to brag about calling the demise of the thimble last month, it was just too easy of a call to make. When Monopoly started their Token Madness vote, they lumped in their eight existing tokens with dozens of potential new ones, giving fans the opportunity to vote for their favorites and even show some of those old tokens the door. That’s exactly what’s happened to the humble thimble.

While voting has concluded, Monopoly is waiting until World Monopoly Day on March 19 to announce the eight winners. But, the New York Toy Fair is this weekend, and I guess they figured they’d shake things up by confirming that one of the classics isn’t making the cut.

The thimble wasn’t on the voting public’s top eight, so it’s out. We feel a little bad for the most understated of Monopoly tokens, but then again, it’s been in the game since 1935. That’s a pretty decent run!

Monopoly is looking to get some more contemporary cultural icons in as new tokens. Potential new tokens include flip flops, emoji, and a computer. And, while I’m on a roll with Monopoly token predictions, I’ll just throw this one out there — the crying while laughing emoji is totally getting in. I know, I know — bold statement.

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