Playing to Code: 8 Awesome Toys That Teach Kids to Code

STEM learning has never been this much fun

Lego Boost


Lego Boost let’s kid’s use Legos to build their robot creation (I’m partial to the cat) and then teach it using simple coding instructions sent from  their tablet or mobile device. This Build, Code, Play model is a great coding experience.

Dot and Dash Programmable Robots


Wonder Workshop’s Dot and Dash programmable robots, have been on the market for awhile, but the new accessories and learning packs and classes make it a robust choice for schools.


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For the most committed aspiring programmers, Roblox uses serious programming languages. With 44 million members (a majority aged 8 -18) Roblox lets users create online games for other users to play. It offers a share of the profits to its game creators.  Now the company is actually launching mini-figurines that range in price from $3.99 and up to offer a physical keepsake from the Roblox community’s favorite games.

Toy developers are betting that parents, nervous that their kids might not have the requisite skills for jobs in the 21st, will buy one of the many “teach your kids to code solutions.”

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