26 Wooden Marvel Figurines That Are Super Adorable

Bif Bang Pow! is having quite the showing at the New York Toy Fair

Move over, vinyl. The hot new collectible figurines in the world of fandom are wooden, and Bif Bang Pow! has a ton of new ones they’re showing off this weekend at the New York Toy Fair. A lot of the new figurines are from their year-old Pin Mate line (cute 2″ figurines priced at $5 each), but they’re also introducing a couple new lines. The wooden push puppets ($9 each) are 4″ figurines based on the old Wakouwa toys, which move around when you push a button hidden in the base. Then, they’ve got stackable 3″ Tiki Tiki Totem figures ($9 each), which can be mixed and match to create your ideal superhero team totem pole. You probably never thought you wanted to do that, but maybe you do now! Here’s the Bif Bang Pow’s full Toy Fair Slate — all the new figurines will be sold on Entertainment Earth in June.

Spider-Man Pin Mate Set of 5


One of two sets Bif Bang Pow! is releasing, the Spider-Man collection includes Spider-Man, Agent Venom, Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen, and Black Cat. The Pin Mate figurines are all hand-painted (with some decals), giving them a touch of uniqueness that you don’t get with vinyl figurines. Most of these are already available or will be, but it looks like Agent Venom is both new and exclusive to this collection for now.

Black Widow Push Puppet


These push puppets are 4″ tall and are pretty fun mechanical toys to play with. They’re also hand-painted, although Bif Bang Pow! has made use of decals, too. The limbs can move based on how you press the button on the base, making the puppets must-have desk companions for fighting off boredom. Black Widow will be more than happy to join you in that fight.

Star-Lord Tiki Tiki Totem


These 3″ figurines can all be stacked on top of each other, so you can use them to create your own dream superhero team totem pole. Like the other kinds of figurines, the totems are hand-painted on all sides, although there are some decals used on these, too. The Star-Lord Tiki Tiki Totem has the helmet on, and is ready for action!

Thor Pin Mate


Most of the Bif Bang Pow! Pin Mate releases are solo figurines, like this one of Thor. Mjölnir has never looked so adorable!

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