Amy Schumer Will No Longer Play Barbie in Next Year’s Movie

Scheduling conflicts led to a separation on good terms.

Like Barbie, Amy Schumer is a busy woman. Late last year, we heard that the actress was set to play Barbie in a 2018 movie, but Variety is reporting that she’s backed out of the role. Fortunately, it doesn’t sound like anything negative — the two schedules didn’t quite work out, and as it turns out, the Barbie movie is on quite a tight schedule.

Schumer is starring in a new comedy on Fox called Snatched and in a movie called She Came to Me, which hasn’t started shooting yet. She’ll also have to do promo work for all that, which made it hard to fit the whole Barbie project in.

Delaying the movie wasn’t on the table. Why? Well, Barbie! The Variety report indicates that, unsurprisingly, Mattel has big movie tie-in plans for their collection of Barbie dolls, and the early stages of designing and producing those dolls have already gotten underway. The plans target the stated release date of June 29, 2018 — with those big Barbie bucks on the line, a change wasn’t possible.

The movie, which is being produced by Sony Pictures, will actually features a whole world full of Barbies, with one Barbie in particular cast out for not quite fitting in. That was to be Schumer, but the production team will now need to find a new star. No word on who that will be yet, but considering how strict of a timeline the movie seems to be on, we suspect we’ll hear who it is before too long.

Via Variety