20 Stunning Fan Tributes to Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s new take on Beauty and the Beast is finally coming to theaters on March 17, so we figured it’d be a good time to take a look at how the internet has reinterpreted the Disney classic over the years. As always, there’s been no shortage of talent dedicated to what may be Disney’s finest love story — so be our guest and have a look!

Tale as Old as Time

Really cool texturing on Beast’s cloak and hair here. As with anything related to Beauty and the Beast, it’s crucial to get the hair right.


Steampunk Beauty and the Beast

Well, Belle is an inventor in this year’s version of the movie, so this checks out. We’ll hold out hope that Disney considers this for the next round of remakes in 20 years or so.


Dark Beast, Ethereal Beauty

The Beast gets a little darker with a crow-like transformation here, with a beauty made of light (or a Patrick Swayze-in-Ghost analogue). The rose petals add a nice touch of color, too.


Cute Beast

Aww well he’s trying. This is the look of someone celebrating their first Valentine’s Day.


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