The 10 Best Dirt Cheap Prepaid and No Contract Plans of 2017

Lower your wireless bill with these super cheap prepaid plans.

It’s been quite a winter for the wireless industry. The big four carriers engaged in an unlimited plan war that has changed the face of postpaid plans. But why bother with postpaid anymore? You can save money with prepaid plans and get more bang for your buck — and after the unlimited mayhem, they’ve only gotten better.

The plans below offer the an incredible amount of value for money. Nearly every plan listed costs $50 or much less. Some are ideal for those looking for multiple lines, some are ideal for those who travel to Canada or Mexico often. Others are suitable for data hogs. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in our top 10 picks for the best prepaid plans in the U.S.

Note: This post only talks about the monthly costs — some of these will charge for a SIM card before service starts.

H2O Wireless

The plan: 8 GB for $40, $36 with autopay

The network: AT&T

Why is it so good? This limited time promotion was set to expire at the beginning of the month, but the good times are still rolling. 8 GB of 4G LTE (plus unlimited slow data) is a ton of data for the money. H2O is also one of the relatively few prepaid carriers to use AT&T’s network, making it very intriguing for anyone who lives where Sprint and T-Mobile are weak. And, here’s a nice bonus you won’t find with many prepaid companies — multi-line discounts! For every 8 GB, 10 GB, or 12 GB plan you add, $10 gets knocked off the bill. Throw in international texting, calls to landlines in over 50 countries, and credit for calling other international numbers, and you’ve got one of the best all-around options right now.

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