25 The Little Mermaid Essentials for Wannabe Princesses

Ariel did know how to accessorize.

Keep it quirky, ethereal and demure like Ariel with these 25 mermaid-themed fashion pieces and accessories. Sure, Ursula might send Flotsam and Jetsam to come take all of your new mermaid swag, but it is totally worth the struggle to look this cute! Soon you will be singing away in pride like Ariel, “Look at this stuff! Isn’t it neat?”

Hand-painted Little Mermaid Fake Nails


Serene and subtle, these nails will take your mermaid aesthetic to a whole new level. Available in multiple sizes with an alluring top coat, they’ll be the finishing touch to make you the girl who has everything.

OnceUponANail/Etsy – $14

Little Mermaid Tank Top

Keep it as cool as a sea cucumber in this casual tank. Available in a grotto black, sea blue and a wedding dress white, this watercolor Ariel silhouette will bring out your inner siren.

foreverwars/Etsy – $35

Ariel’s Blue Land Dress


Lovestruck? Cursed? Sold your voice to a sea witch? Let this dress do all the talking for you. Perfect for Disney-bounding or a casual day at the beach, this dress inspired by Ariel’s peasant look will keep those mermaid vibes flowing.

LolaNovaUK/Etsy – about $44

Ariel Glowing Bookmark

Use this bookmark to add a little magic to any book or scroll. This bookmark features a gorgeous glow-in-the-dark shell, which is enough to make Triton’s Trident gleam with envy.

BespokeInnaDesign/Etsy – about $17

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