Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Sound Bar Review

You buy a big new TV, the picture quality blew you away in the store, and you’re super excited to watch TV and movies on it. Then, disappointment hits — it turns out that that expensive state-of-the-art TV has horrible audio, and it’s really difficult to make out dialogue. That means it’s time to buy a sound system. But not everyone wants to invest a lot of money in one, nor do they have the space to accommodate a large speaker system. That’s where Polk Audio’s MagniFi Mini comes in.

Polk Audio’s MagniFi Mini system comes with a 2.1-channel soundbar and a somewhat ugly wireless subwoofer. The MagniFi Mini soundbar is super compact measuring just 3.2″ x 13.4″ x 4.3″. The soundbar is stocked with 12 mm tweeters and four 2.25″ drivers.

The soundbar is a 2.1-channel system that works in tandem with the wireless subwoofer, so it’s not quite as compact a solution as the likes of the JBL Boost TV. Fortunately you can tuck the subwoofer away somewhere, and as a whole the speaker unit is much smaller than the the typical soundbars you have out there. The soundbar is not that much bigger than a typical mid-size portable Bluetooth speaker.

The MagniFi Mini might be small in size, but when it comes to specs, the MagniFi Mini Home Theater Sound Bar System is packed with plenty of features, including virtual home theater surround sound via 5.1 Dolby Digital, HDMI ARC support, Bluetooth streaming, Google Cast and Wi-Fi.

The MagniFi Mini performs very well for music and on general soundtracks, but where it really shines past other typical soundbars is with voice. Polk Voice Adjust Technology does an excellent job of increasing vocal clarity and volume level. The speaker system also comes with convenient preset EQ settings for movies, music and sports, which can all be accessed via the included remote. Sports mode works well for news and talks shows, too. There’s also a convenient Night Mode button located on the remote that automatically lowers the bass and increases Voice Adjust to help deliver clearer voice dialogue without raising the master volume.

For those wondering how the MagniFi Mini compares to the JBL Boost TV, the JBL Boost TV offers a more compact one-piece solution, but the MagniFi Mini offers superior audio performance overall, and we think that it’s worth shelling out the extra cash for it.

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