Samsung’s Frame TV That Resembles a Picture Frame Arrives This Spring

Samsung’s QLED TVs are also now available

Samsung’s new super bright QLED TVs were the company’s crown jewels at CES this year, improving on their SUHD LED TVs from the year before. Samsung believes that they’ve been able to push the LED/LCD combo to a place competitive with OLED TVs, and that’d be a big deal if they’re right — LED-backlit LCD TVs are far cheaper to produce than OLED. Sure enough, that’s the play — Samsung’s QLED TVs are now available, and they’re cheaper than LG’s comparable OLED TVs.

Four models of QLED TVs are on Samsung’s website now — the high-end flat Q9, the mid-tier curved Q8, and the entry level (relatively speaking) Q7 in both flat and curved. The flat Q7 is available in 55″, 65″, and 75″ models for $2,800, $4,000, and $6,000, while the curved Q7 only gets 55″ and 65″ models for $3,000 and $4,300. The curved Q8 gets 55″, 65″, and 75″ models for $3,500, $4,500, and $6,800, while the flat Q9 is available in 65″ for $6,000. The new TVs will be shipping out to retailers starting today.

Samsung also had a bit more to say about the Frame TV that they teased at CES. They’re still not offering specifics — no price and no specs, although the company is saying it’ll be available in the spring. All we know is what we presumed before — it’s a TV made to look like a picture frame, with a selection of digital art that can occupy the screen while not in use. Samsung will offer 100 art pieces in 10 categories, all of which figure to look a lot nicer than a big black rectangle. They’ll also have interchangeable bezels and optional stands available to customize the look of the TV.

If you choose to mount the Frame TV on a wall, good news — it uses Samsung’s gapless wall mount system. It also works with Samsung’s new Invisible Connection — similar to what LG did with their wallpaper TV, Samsung has put much of the processing power in a separate box attached to a thin, nearly invisible optical cable. That box can be hidden away — if you can get the power cable routed behind the wall, it’ll look like no cables are coming off the TV.