Tivoli Adds Much Needed Modern Amenities to Their Iconic FM Radio

But does it come at the cost of that old school charm?

Just about every tech company has tried to take the retro angle in the past ten years or so, but few do it right. Tivoli is one of the rare companies that does, which is why their latest product is such a big gamble. The company is known for its old fashioned speakers and radios, especially the Model One, an analog FM radio with a delightfully old-timey sound signature. This week, they’re announcing a more teched-out, modern-looking version called the Model One Digital.

The Model One Digital still has an FM tuner, but adds Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Spotify Connect to the mix. Wi-Fi will be the most useful addition — not only is it a more reliable way to stream music, it allows the radio to be connected to other speakers in Tivoli’s ART line to create multi-speaker and multi-room systems. Spotify Connect allows you to stream playlists straight from Spotify.

You’ll be able to see what station you’re listening to or what’s on Spotify with the new TFT display on the right side. The tuning dial can now be used to both change stations and skip tracks.

Aesthetically, it’s a big change. Tivoli is still using the solid wood cabinets that have been their hallmark, but there are a lot fewer dials and the old written numbers for the FM bands are gone. The speaker grille is a full square instead of a smaller circle, too, which gives the Model One Digital a more modern appearance.

It’s also pretty super expensive. The original Model One (which is still available) is $150, but the Model One Digital is going for $300. The design work on the cabinet is still pretty great, but that’s a  bit steep! The radio can be preordered now, and is available in walnut/grey, black ash/black, and white/grey colorways.