V-MODA’s First Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Doubles as a Headphone Amp

Like their new headphones, the Remix speaker can be customized with 3D-printed parts.

Most big audio companies started making Bluetooth wireless speakers a long time ago, but V-MODA isn’t most big audio companies. The stylish hi-fi brand is finally getting around to releasing one, and appropriately enough, it’s not just another Bluetooth speaker. The Remix can create big sound in more ways than one, acting as both a speaker and a headphone amp.

But, that big sound won’t come in a big package. At a little under eight inches wide, the Remix speaker stays on the portable side of Bluetooth speakers. Despite the size, the speaker should be able to rock V-MODA’s signature well-balanced, clear sound — the company is using a glass-fiber diaphragm and long coil drivers of their own making, along with a rear bass reflex port. Like most portable wireless speakers, the Remix uses a Bluetooth connection to play music from a mobile device or computer.

More intriguing is that V-MODA has created a nice little 2-in-1 device here. If you’ve got an expensive pair of high-impedance headphones (say, something from V-MODA’s upper ranges), the Remix has a dual 83 mW amp, giving those higher-end headphones enough power to generate louder and clearer sound. It’s a huge step up, although it’s worth keeping in mind that you won’t notice any difference if you’re using lower-end headphones. Like most amps, the Remix works by being wired to the audio source and the headphones — the back of the speaker has both aux-in and aux-out ports.

Those ports aren’t just there to take advantage of the amp. Using wired connections, multiple Remix speakers can be daisy chained for even louder sound. You won’t be able to sync multiple speakers over a wireless connection, though. There’s no companion app, so you’ll just be pairing the speaker with your phone and nothing else. Track skipping and volume controls are all on the speaker itself, which can also be used as a speakerphone.

That doesn’t mean Remix is totally cut off from the connected world. It can be connected (wired or wireless) to the Amazon Dot to bring it into your Alexa system, and the speaker’s own microphone can be used with Google Assistant or Siri.

V-MODA says to expect over 10 hours of playback from the Remix, which takes about three hours to fully charge using a USB Type-C connection. But, that’s just for playback — we don’t know how using the speaker as an amp will affect battery life.

At the outset, the Remix looks like a plain black speaker, but V-MODA is shaking things up here, too. When the company released their Forza in-ear headphones, they introduced extra 3D-printed housing caps, some of which were really expensive.

Turns out that was a test case of sorts for bigger things — almost every part of the Remix’s frame can be customized, and new parts can be added later. The two sides, the speaker grille, and the C-frame that encloses the rest of the speaker can all be swapped out. Like with the Forza in-ears, options range from cheaper matte fiber to 14-karat rose gold and platinum, with all kinds of wild designs available. Does all that mean you can drop $370,000 on Bluetooth speaker accessories? You bet it does.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to spend that kind of cash, the V-MODA Remix will cost $300 by itself, with 3D-printed options starting at $40. That’s still pretty expensive for a portable Bluetooth speaker, but if you know you’re going to get use out of the headphone amp, that’s not too bad of a deal. The Remix can be customized and purchased from the V-MODA website starting today.