27 Pieces of Cat Jewelry to Wear When You’re Out On The Prowl

Here’s some purrrfect jewelry for cat lovers.

Oh, if only we could all be cats — lazy days, naps in the sun, and cuddles. Sadly, we can’t be cats, but we can wear their jewelry. We found 27 fantastic pieces to show off your true inner animal.

Cindy Clawford Ring

Keep it flexible with this gorgeous adjustable ring. Handmade cut and scratch resistant to ensure your new bestie is here to stay.

Every Day is Caturday – $16

Fortune Kitty Good Luck Earrings

Lucky or not, these earrings are so charming, you could get away with anything. Rose gold makes these so trendy and irresistible.

Every Day is Caturday – $21

Pounce on My Level

This necklace is for those out on the hunt. It’ll give you Beyoncé level confidence, and it looks so very Sasha Fierce.

Every Day is Caturday – $21

Sphinx Pearl Drop Earrings

Danging and dainty, there is absolutely no cat lady shame here. Clean up is easy with copper and synthetic pearl that’ll accentuate your beautiful eyes. (Psst, they’re on sale)

Every Day is Caturday – $21 (buy one, get one free)

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