The Dell UltraSharp 27 4K HDR Monitor is a Creative’s Dream

With stellar performance across many color gamuts, a lot of professionals will be looking into this display.

At CES earlier this year, Dell showed off an 8K monitor useful (arguably) to a very small subset of professionals. But, besides the resolution overkill, there was a lot to like about that monitor, especially its wide-gamut color reproduction. Dell’s getting a bit more down to earth today, introducing a similar 4K display that excels in most color gamuts and is HDR-ready.

The Dell UltraSharp 27 4K HDR Monitor ticks all the boxes for creative professionals. While the 4K resolution is nice for sharp details, it’s not really what will be turning heads. The most intriguing part is how completely the monitor covers many color gamuts — 100 percent of Adobe RGB, 100 percent of sRGB, 100 percent of REC709, 97.7 percent of DCI-P3, and 76.9 percent of REC2020. The first three are important for graphic designers, while DCI-P3 tends to be more important for those in video. REC2020 is a newer, wider standard for 4K and 8K displays, which explains that percentage being quite a bit lower. The upshot for artists is that the display will be able to produce more nuanced green and blue hues than other displays, although the spectrum of yellows is a bit wider, too.

HDR is the other marquee feature, although it might fall a bit short for some. The display supports HDR10, which enables better contrast using active processing of images, taking advantage of the 20,000:1 contrast ratio. In order to handle that kind of data transfer, the display has an HDMI 2.0a port. That’s all great, but the top-of-the-line HDR tech, Dolby Vision, is not supported — that might be a bummer for video editors.

All that makes for a top-notch display that got the thumbs up from the UHD Alliance for HDR10 readiness. Unfortunately, that means this display will come with a premium price tag. The Dell UltraSharp 27 4K HDR Monitor will retail for $2,000