Level Up Your Furniture With This Gorgeous Wooden Arcade Cabinet

Geek Chic is taking their mastery of furniture to the next level.

The second annual Silicon Valley Comic-Con went down last weekend in San Jose, and while this year’s show was dominated by Star Trek and NASA, there was another vision of the future getting just as many people excited. Geek Chic has been knocking out elegant, handmade gamer furniture for nearly a decade now, but it’s a new project of theirs that got everyone’s attention at SVCC — a gorgeous wooden table with a built-in arcade cabinet.

The Geek Chic booth has been a convention staple for years now, but the arcade table definitely gave their showcase an extra boost this year, with a steady stream of convention goers stepping up to play games of Ms. Pac-Man or Galaga. The current version of the table has an arcade emulator with a handful of games to choose from, most of which support two players taking turns trying to beat each other’s high score.

And yeah, the construction is just as good as it looks in that picture. Geek Chic has been in the furniture business since 2008 — not content to simply churn out basic furniture and pass it off as something for gamers, this group of artisans went all-out. The team uses fine woods like cherry, oak, and walnut along with master craftsmanship, making tables and chairs that exude class. The company’s Latin motto, Emerge ex Hypogaeo, says it all: “To come out of the basement.”

Geek Chic’s reputation has been built on great furniture for tabletop gamers. Their other marquee product at this year’s show was a massive table with pull out sections for tabletop game players to store miniatures and game tokens. The tabletop is recessed for dice rolling convenience, and grid layer can be slipped under the transparent top for custom game maps for the likes of Dungeons & Dragons. It’s super expensive, it’s totally unnecessary, and it rules.

Their arcade table has its own conveniences — like pull out cup holders! What else is in store? We don’t know, because this isn’t even this table’s final form. After a brief chat at the Geek Chic booth, I learned that the arcade table is just an idea that the company has been toying with. They brought it to SVCC partly to see if there might be enough interest to put it into production — and I was told in no uncertain terms that that interest was most definitely expressed.

So, if you’re interested in buying one, you’ll have to press pause on those desires for now. Geek Chic is still toying around with different ways to implement that built-in arcade cabinet, and they’ll probably need to make some design tweaks to hide the wiring needed to make sure the table looks its best. But, if reaction from SVCC is any indication, this table looks like it might have jumped to the top of Geek Chic’s list of priorities.