25 Hilariously Geeky Onesies for Adults

A wearable blanket? Sign us up. Onesies are gaining in popularity, so don’t miss out on the comfiest trend of the year. If you can tear yourself away from your pillow fort, you can even wear them in public — welcome to 2017! We rounded up 25 of the cutest and geekiest onesies the internet has to offer.

Wonder Woman Lounger

Feel the embrace of the clouds in this comfy (not invisible) onesie. It’s like a gift from the Gods themselves. There’s a tiara to keep you looking fab and thumb holes to kick bad guy butt should the need arrive.

Fun – $60

Kangaroo Costume

Show off your wild side in this adorable kangaroo onesie. It comes with a detailed hood and a little joey along for the ride. Hop on in and get ready to explore!

Fun – $55

Pluto Pajama Onesie

Hot dog, this onesie is outta this world. Channel Pluto by being ready for a fun adventure with your pals, or for a nice nap on the porch.

Fun – $70

Goofy Pajama Costume

Gawrsh, that is one snazzy onesie. The vintage Disney style is back, and perfect for a themed onesie party.

Fun – $70

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