Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote Review

Logitech’s presentation remote is a little pricey, but has some great highlighting features.

Whether you are giving a presentation in front of a large or small audience, you want it to go smoothly and for all in attendance to understand your message clearly. Although good preparation is important, having an easy way to control the presentation is key.

Logitech has come up with the Spotlight Presentation Remote, and it’s more than just a clicker. Besides just allowing you to move forward and backward through your slides, there’s the addition of a great feature aptly named Spotlight. Spotlight highlights and/or enlarges an area of the screen, focusing everyone’s attention.

The beauty of the Spotlight is that it works with popular presentation apps: PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides and Prezi, on both Windows and Mac. All that’s needed is to download and install the Spotlight software and let it run in the background. Once done, simply connect the Spotlight using Bluetooth or the small USB receiver that can be stored on the remote itself.

The Spotlight remote is easy to hold and feels good in your hand. The controls are fairly intuitive and easy to reach with your thumb. The top button controls the on-screen cursor and the highlight and magnify functions. The middle and lower buttons control navigation forward and backward as well as custom functions that can be enabled within the app.

The spotlight feature illuminates a small circular area, darkening the rest of the screen. The size of the circle can be adjusted in the app, but cannot be changed (easily) during a presentation. Logitech does give you a lot of control options, though. You can choose to assign either the spotlight, magnification or a simple circle to the top button, or you can enable all three and then cycle through them by double-clicking the top button. Using any of the three works far better than a laser pointer when you want to draw attention to a particular area of the screen.

The forward and back buttons can also be given a secondary action with a long-press. You can choose fast forward, blank screen, scroll, volume adjustment or even setup a custom keystroke.

The custom keystroke is a particularly cool feature. I tested it on my Mac by assigning the key combination “Shift-Command-3” to take a screenshot. Then, on the remote, I long-pressed the middle button and voila! I took a screenshot. You can have one or two custom key strokes, making this a very effective tool.

You can also create vibration alerts at certain times during your presentation to keep you on track. This is a great feature, although I’d prefer the timing to be truly custom rather than simply picking one of the few choices in the app (UPDATE 05/02/2017 – It is in fact possible to set a custom timer using the app. We regret the error.). Currently, you can choose to get a buzz 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 5 minutes prior to when your presentation is supposed to end.

The remote is charged using a short USB cable, which is included. A one-minute charge will give you three hours of use, and a full hour charge will last for up to three months, although we’d imagine it would be a fair bit less should you be using the remote every day.

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