Mother’s Day 2017 Gift Guide + Win the Roku Ultra 4k Media Player

Here are the gadgets to get mom this year!

Epson XP-440 All-in-One Printer

Look, we’re sure mom still needs a printer/scanner/copier for some reason. Maybe she still likes to print out the coupons she gets in the email. Maybe she (very reasonably) likes printing out family photos. I don’t know, and it’s not our place to judge. What matters is that you can help mom with her printing needs while saving space — the XP-440 is the latest in Epson’s Small-in-One line of printers that pack tons of features into as small a box as possible.

Epson – $100

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HP Sprocket Smartphone Photo Printer

So I had a couple friends visiting last week, and at one point they met and demanded to take photos with my parents. They busted out a smartphone photo printer on the spot, and my mom was all about it. I know she’s not the only one. The HP Sprocket is one such instant smartphone printer — connect it using Bluetooth, and it can spit out 2×3 mom selfies on special ZINK paper that uses heat and color crystals to print photos. No ink required!

HP – $130

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  1. This would allow the wife her own personal streaming video box to use when the kid occupies the living room. She generally uses her phone instead

  2. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift! Roku’s are easy to use and give outstanding video and audio!

  3. I already have a couple of Rokus, much older than this model. I want to eventually have them on every TV and be able to stream content no matter what room I am in.

  4. I cut the cable cord and started using netflix and hulu more. The roku would make that so much easier.

  5. I would love a Roku player because we do not have cable and I would enjoy some of the channels Roku has.

  6. I would like to see how it compares to chromecast which we have in our home now and I would love to see if there are any original series I would like.

  7. this would be amazing for my mom. she never can find anything to watch since they don’t have cable.

  8. This will help entertain my mother-in-law and niece. If not, it will suplement my TV’s ability to stream from my phone/computers.

  9. I’d love this for the wifey. She loves binge watching all the new cool shows online. Please help me with the netflix and chill life. ;p

  10. i want the Roku cause im tired of commercials and not being able to watch a show or movie when i want too

  11. I would love to have my own streaming device i have nothing like that at home to keep me occupied.

  12. I don’t own any media devices, and as a huge movie watcher/music freak, this would be a godsend!!

  13. I currently do not own any streaming devices for my televisions and would like one in my bedroom

  14. My mom has the cheapest Roku and it died after 2 months use. I want her to have one that works.

  15. We have friends that have one and it looks very easy to use. Would love to have one.

  16. My son now has a tv in his room and all he has is a dvd player. I would use this for his room so my husband and I can enjoy our shows while the kids enjoy theirs

  17. I would love to win this for my mother for Mothers Day. She loves mine when she comes to visit.

  18. I have been wanting to try out Roku for years and would love to win this pack so I could.