Windows Vista Has Finally Been Laid to Rest

With Microsoft terminating support for Windows Vista, one of Microsoft’s unhappiest (and briefest) chapters officially ends.

They say Microsoft always follows a good operating system with a bad one. Well, Windows XP was one of the best operating systems ever for its time, so it’s only fitting that its successor was an epic dud. Windows Vista was one of Microsoft’s many infamous operating system disasters, and while it lasted only a little over two years on the market before being replaced by Windows 7, it left a black mark on Microsoft that the company is only now managing to erase. Today, that mark is officially being erased, with Microsoft ending support for the operating system.

Like a lot of bad releases, Windows Vista had some good ideas that weren’t well executed. Chief among them was a unified operating system search feature that didn’t quite take shape until Windows 7. Vista also had some good ideas about security — it was just super annoying, hitting you over the head with a User Account Control prompt every time you tried to do just about anything.

But, by far the worst part of Windows Vista was its performance. This is something Apple has been guilty of in the past, too (hi, parallax!) — Vista introduced things like semi-transparent windows, a dynamic sidebar, and a 3D rendering of active programs as panes called Flip 3D. None of it was particularly useful, but the features sure did use a lot of system resources. They made Vista slow, especially when trying to perform more demanding tasks.

That problem was even worse for laptop owners. When Vista hit in 2006 and 2007, mobile was just starting to become a thing, with laptop sales increasing and smartphones on the horizon. Vista, on the other hand, was built for high-powered desktops, and was emblematic of Microsoft’s failure to move into mobile faster. Their intransigence would mean missing the boat on smartphones altogether, despite the very expensive (and ultimately disastrous) acquisition of Nokia’s handset division.

Anyway, you probably haven’t given Vista a thought in the last seven or eight years, and you probably never will again after reading this (we’ll enjoy using the Windows Vista tag one last time). Microsoft is officially ending support for Vista today. That means the operating system will no longer receive security updates, and that Microsoft won’t offer support for the operating system. Someone, somewhere, I’m sure is disappointed. There’s got to be one person out there.

Via The Verge