23 Incredible Disney Inspired Earrings Fit for a Princess (or Villain)

Some amazingly creative people have served up some gorgeous Disney-inspired earrings!

Princess Jasmine’s Earrings

Jasmine sported a fiery red outfit in Aladdin, and she paired it with these scimitar-inspired earrings. They have a fierce look about them that will pair well with an evening outfit.

NerdyDesigner/Etsy -$25

Tiana’s Dress Earrings

This maker brilliantly transformed Princess Tiana into a set of earrings that look just like her flowy poofy white dress, with a touch of green and cream. Now if only the princess had her frog too.

NerdyDesigner/Etsy – $15

Snow White’s Queen and Her Mirror Earrings

These two earrings tell the story of the evil queen of Snow White and her magic mirror. And yes, those are little apples hovering above both!

GiundaCreazioni/Etsy – about $20

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