The Newest Lego Minecraft Set is the Massive Mountain Cave

Last year when Lego released The Village Minecraft set, we noted it was the largest Lego Minecraft set yet. Just a little over one year later, Lego is ready to introduce their latest — and it’s got over 1,000 more pieces than that set. You’re going to have to set some time aside to build the Mountain Cave.

This set revolves around a mountain mine, with a mine cart track going around the mountain. Staying true to the Minecraft spirit, the rest of the mountain is full of modular sections inside and out, so you can shift things around in one of three ways. They’ve even got cool unique elements like a light-up brick and little Minecraft accessories like a pickax.

There’s tons to do once the set is built. A cave spider pops out of a revolving door, a TNT brick can blow a hole in the mountain, and a charged Creeper can get thrown into the air. Best of all is a little mine cart that can be pushed down the track, which looks like way more fun than it should be.

Of course, it’s stocked with Minecraft goodness. The set comes with minifigs for Steve and our girl Alex, along with a cave spider, a wolf, a baby wolf, a slime, two small slimes, two bats, a zombie, an enderman, a skeleton, a sheep and a charged Creeper. Add in a bunch more accessories, some ore to scatter throughout the mine, and some golden armor for when Alex or Steve need to handle business, and you’ve got a crazy cool set.

Lego will launch the Minecraft Mountain Cave set on July 1 for $250. Expensive, but hey — it’s a 2,863-piece set that stands one foot tall. It’s not gonna cost a dollar.