The Old-School Nokia 3310 Goes on Sale May 24th

HMD’s blast from the past is finally getting release dates. The new company is licensing the Nokia name to release an updated version of the classic, famously indestructible Nokia 3310. The feature phone is starting to make its way to Europe this month, and one of its stops is going to be the UK.

On May 24, the Nokia 3310 will launch in the UK at £49.99, in line (more or less) with the promised $50 price tag. The phone will run the Nokia Series 30+ operating system, not Android, and will be like the simple phones of the pre-smartphone era — it’ll just do calls, texts, emails, pictures, and some very limited web browsing (expect only 2G speeds). But, the battery will last up to a month, and that’s a big reason it’ll get attention.

While there are surely plenty of people in the UK who would like a simple phone instead of an always-present, always-aware smartphone, it’s probably not the ideal destination for the Nokia 3310. Parts of the world with developing economies or less widespread high-speed networks could find the new 3310 attractive, too. HMD has India in its sights, with a launch expected there sometime soon.

Via Engadget