OtterBox Teams Up With Mophie to Make Charging Packs for Their uniVERSE iPhone Case

OtterBox’s modular smartphone case is getting a lot of accessory support!

We first heard about the OtterBox uniVERSE modular case system when the iPhone 7 came out. We liked the promise — a single smartphone case that could work with the many smartphone accessories out there, like Olloclip’s camera lenses or SanDisk’s external storage. Since uniVERSE was introduced, OtterBox has managed to get even more partners on board, and the latest is a big one — Mophie.

Mophie has adapted their Charge Force battery and adapter for the uniVERSE case. Charge Force is Mophie’s new line of wireless charging products, which use the Qi standard. The Charge Force Battery for uniVERSE has a 2,450 mAh battery and Qi charging, while the adapter simply converts wireless charging to power for the phone’s own battery. OtterBox is also selling Mophie’s Charge Force wireless charging base on their website, so you can get the whole charging system in one go.

Both products are slim and narrow compared to Mophie’s standalone products, as they simply slide onto the back of the uniVERSE case. But, despite the size difference, both the case and the adapter will work with Mophie’s magnetic Charge Force mounts, which are made for desks and car vents.

The Mophie Charge Force Battery and Adapter for uniVERSE are both available from OtterBox for $70 and $50, respectively, while the charging base, desk mount, and car vent mount are available for $40, $60, and $60.