25 Fidget Spinners for Geeky Stress Relief

Keep calm and spin on!

Well, this was inevitable. Geeky fidget spinners have taken the world by storm almost as quickly as fidget spinners themselves flew into our lives. Turns out, coming up with awesome nerdy tweaks to the spinners is just as good of a boredom killer, because we had to actually weed out a lot of spinners just to narrow it down to 25! Might as well check these out and grab one for yourself. Besides, who doesn’t want to flick C-3PO? No? Just me? Okay.

Batman Fidget Spinner

Holy spinning bats, Batman! Even the World’s Greatest Detective knows that detective work isn’t easy, so he keeps centered with a spinner. You know this is going into the utility belt.

Etsy Shop: mollycampbelldesign – $4.50

Star Wars TIE Fighter Fidget Spinner

Instead of twin ion engines, this has wicked precision bearings to for maximum effect. It’s even 3-D printed for maximum cool.

Etsy Shop: Hellas3D – about $13

Overwatch Genji Shuriken Spinner

Fight for peace (and the right to spin) with Genji’s very own shuriken. This shuriken has been revamped and upgraded to suit all your spinning needs

Etsy Shop: PRBWorkshop – $35

Keyboard Style Fidget Spinner

Left, right, up, down, a fidget spinner for your IRL adventures is finally here. You can strategize your next move while spinning to level up your focus.

Etsy Shop: PRBWorkshop – $15

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