Caseable iPhone 7 Case Review

This company makes some incredibly fun and functional iPhone cases

With so many cases to choose from, how do you decide which one to get? How about one that expresses your individuality while also offering great protection? Take a minute to consider the Flip case from Caseable. This is a very well made case with hundreds of fun and beautiful cover designs to choose from.

Caseable is a unique company that is serious about quality and helping you to showcase your own style. All of their products are handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York or Berlin, Germany and they highlight designs of many local artists. In fact the case pictured in this review is the Myllyynyre designed in Brooklyn by Spires. But you aren’t limited by their vast collection of artist designs, you can also upload your own image and make your case truly unique!

The only issue with the cover is that the design does not extend around the edges, so they are left white. While it does not detract from the overall look of the case, it does give the impression that the ink has been worn off the through use.

The flip cover design is clearly one of the best ways to ensure that screen stays scratch free. It also offers a handy way to store a few essential items in its 3 slim pockets. These pockets are fairly straight forward. The two smaller pockets are in fact simply slits in the inside cover, separated by a thin nylon backing. These are ideal for a drivers license, credit card, etc. The larger pocket extends the length of the case allowing for larger items to be stored there. However these pockets do not look like they will hold up for long term use especially if they over loaded.

The flip cover has a strap closure, which helps keep your cards more secure if you use the case as a wallet. A small magnet in the strap makes sure the cover stays securely closed. But also allows it to be opened easily when needed.

The plastic hard case which holds the phone is well designed and keeps the phone snuggly in place. The cutouts for the volume and power buttons as well as the lightning port and speakers are not merely holes, but completely open. This makes it much easier to insert and remove the phone from the case. The opening in the back of the case for the camera lens is of sufficient size that you could use this case with an iPhone 6 plus if desired.

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