The Rest of the DuckTales Reboot Cast Has Been Revealed

It’s a star-studded cast for Disney’s upcoming animated series.

When we heard about the DuckTales reboot late last year, we were already pretty excited about David Tennant coming on as Scrooge McDuck — especially after he helped sing the theme song. We got a taste of the rest of the cast at that time, too, but this week Entertainment Weekly revealed the full cast ahead of the show’s August premiere.

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Here’s the most important casting choice — Donald Duck will be voiced by Tony Anselmo. In other words, Donald Duck will be voiced by Donald Duck! Anselmo’s been the official voice of Donald since the ’80s, so this is probably the surest sign yet that Disney is taking this 100 percent seriously.

The other choices are solid, too. Jim Rash, better know for being the dean on Community, is voicing our beloved fellow gearhead, Gyro Gearloose, while Allison Janney will be on as Goldie O’Gilt.

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Antagonizing Scrooge McDuck will be…well, I think everything is going to antagonize Scrooge McDuck. But, a few will try harder than others — that includes Gladstone Gander, voiced by VA vet Paul F. Tompkins, and Ma Beagle and her boys, voiced by Margo Martindale and Eric Bauza, who is voicing all the boys.

Joining the billionaire bird club is Flintheart Glomgold, voiced by Keith Ferguson. He’ll be joined by an all-new character, because we couldn’t have a DuckTales reboot with someone to represent new money! There’s now a tech billionaire in the DuckTales world, and of course his name is Mark. Josh Brener of Silicon Valley will do Mark Beaks, and yes, Beaks even appears to be wearing a hoodie.

Disney XD

It’s been non-stop excitement for this reboot since the start, which definitely can’t be said for every reboot project these days. Disney is clearly putting together a production worthy of Scrooge McDuck’s ample means, though, so we’ll definitely be looking forward to the DuckTales premiere in August on Disney XD.

Via Entertainment Weekly

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