See-Through Lace Shorts and Shirts for Men Are Now a Thing

Is it worse or better than the man bun fad?

First it was the RompHim, now lace shorts for men are becoming a trend this summer. Will men embrace pastel see through fashions? Do you want them to?

The RompHim, a lightweight summer one piece romper for men, raises over $150,000 on Kickstarter and has kicked off another new fashion trend for men -pastel colored lace shorts and shorts. These see through fashions might be cooler in the summer heat but the jury’s still out on whether or not this is a trend that will make it past Instagram.

Hologram City is now selling lace outfits for men featuring collared button-down shirts and knee length shorts in pastel colored lace. Everyone should be allowed to wear whatever they want to stay cool in the summer. But it will take a pretty confident man to rock one of those unlined lace outfits. Most offices wouldn’t consider unlined lace appropriate for women to wear to work, so men would probably find that these violated office dress code in their workplace. Maybe Hologram City will offer a lined version in the future to make the outfits work ready.

There is precedent in fashion for men wearing lace, rompers, and even high heels. But are rompers and see through lace outfits appropriate for men in the modern era? Would men really wear these on the street and not just as an outfit of the day on Instagram? Street style bloggers in major cities should be on the lookout to see if these lace outfits start appearing on the streets in major cities.

Hologram City’s lace outfits for men are on sale now for pre-order and will be ready to ship by the middle of the month in case you know a guy who has been dying to get their hands on some pastel colored summer lace wear.

Via NY Daily News


  1. I would submit that any man that would wear them is not a man at all. What the hell is wrong with our society today? Hedonistic immoral self superior morons.

  2. I agree, societies misfits raised by women or bein gay is a must be announcement to the highest platform..