Barbie’s Ken Doll Finally Gets a Diverse Body Makeover

The doll will soon be available in multiple skin tones and body types, along with more hairstyle options.

Early last year, Mattel finally answered longstanding criticism of Barbie’s unrealistic proportions by making her a doll for everyone. Since then, Barbie has become available in many skin tones and body types, but her buddy Ken has still been stuck in his plain old self. That changes this year, with Mattel’s announcement that Ken is getting new body types, skin tones, and yes, even hairstyles.

Mattel is using their Fashionistas line to introduce 15 new Ken dolls. The collection will include a mix of slim, broad, and ‘original’ body types with seven skin tones. He’ll even get eight hair colors and nine hairstyles, and yes, one of those absolutely is a man bun.

Mattel has those new dolls available on their site now for $10 each, but there are some two-packs and three-packs for sale, too. You can also find some accessory sets, but not many yet — we’re guessing that’s going to change very soon. Whether he’ll get lace shorts or a male romper remains to be seen.

Via Huffington Post