Nintendo is Bringing a Whole Slew of Their Classic Franchises to the Switch

Kirby, Yoshi, Metroid, and Pokémon are all on their way!

Nintendo doesn’t do E3 press conferences anymore, but that doesn’t mean they ignore the occasion. As usual, they streamed one of their Nintendo Direct presentations this morning to mark the beginning of E3, and while it was a short one (just under 30 minutes), it was packed with classic Nintendo goodness — even if we’re not going to see a lot of that goodness for a while.

Of the new game announcements Nintendo made today, their new Kirby and Yoshi games look like they’re the closest to being done. That’s not to say they’re almost done — both are due out for the Switch sometime next year. The Kirby game, which for now is simply called Kirby, has the hungry pink puffball sucking up enemies and cruising through a 2D platformer, much like the classic Kirby games of old. It doesn’t mess with a good thing.

The Yoshi game looks equally adorable! It’s just as simply named, too. Yoshi is another 2D platformer — kind of. Yoshi mostly moves in 2D, but there’s a flip side to each stage, and Yoshi can move between the two at will. It looks like it’ll be possible to flip the stages to get a good look at the other side, too, and I think you’ll want to — the stages look like they’ve got a lighthearted Paper Mario vibe going on, and as always, Nintendo’s art direction looks on point.

Then there were the teases. There were two, and they both got Nintendo fans into a frenzy. The Metroid Prime series is finally coming back — Metroid Prime 4 was confirmed to be in development for the Switch. Considering Metroid Prime 3 came out for the Wii 10 years ago. Yes, it’s been 10 years. I’m taking it hard, too. All Nintendo had to offer was a splash screen — no gameplay, no trailer — but it was enough to get the hype up.

The other tease was just as highly anticipated. Just a week after our nervous hand-wringing, Game Freak confirmed that a true Pokémon RPG is in development for the Switch — not just Pokkén Tournament. We don’t know whether or not this will be Pokémon Stars, but considering UltraSun and UltraMoon are coming to the DS and that Game Freak’sTsunekazu Ishihara was very clear about the game being early in development, we’re thinking this might be the next generation of Pokémon.

Nintendo also showed off more of Super Mario Odyssey, which they teased during the Nintendo Switch reveal. That’ll be on the show floor at E3, so stay tuned for some hands-on impressions of the game later in the week. For now, here’s some good news — the game is coming out earlier than anticipated on October 17.

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