Chill Out With the First Trailer for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

The second short based on Frozen will play in theaters alongside Coco in November.

Making a trailer for a short is risky business —at a little under two minutes, this trailer shows us about a whole tenth of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure! Starring the lovable snowman from Frozen, the latest Frozen short is headed to theaters, and it looks just as heartwarming as the last one.

In the upcoming 21-minute short, Olaf goes off looking for awesome holiday traditions to share, making him the Anthony Bourdain of that world. Elsa and Anna don’t have any family traditions of their own anymore, so Olaf is off going shopping for one to bring back. It probably doesn’t work like that, and Olaf probably doesn’t care, and that’s what will make the whole thing work beautifully!

For a 21-minute short, Disney isn’t messing around. They’re packing four original new songs into Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, all by Kate Anderson and Elyssa Samsel — you know at least one is going to get stuck in your head. You’ll have to wait until November for those little earworms to arrive, though — Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will debut in theaters ahead of Coco, Pixar’s latest feature, on November 22.

That’ll have to hold us over until 2019, when Frozen 2 is expected to arrive in theaters. To no one’s surprise, Disney is nowhere near willing to let Frozen go!

Via E! Online