We Finally Know How Much the Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerators Will Cost

Samsung’s updated smart refrigerators are available in even more models starting this week.

Remember those souped up new Family Hub refrigerators Samsung showed off at CES? Well, they’re finally ready to be purchased this week, with Samsung confirming the feature set and how much they’ll cost in an announcement yesterday.

Maybe the most important change in store for the Family Hub 2.0 refrigerators is that you’ll be able to choose from more refrigerator models outfitted with Family Hub tech. 10 models will be available with Family Hub 2.0, as opposed to just four when Samsung first unveiled the concept at CES 2016.

Family Hub refrigerators are meant to be just that — something that family life revolves around. The fridges have huge tablets on the front, which can be used by the family to leave each other notes and reminders. Each member of the family can create their own profile and avatar, too, so no one can surreptitiously delete the to-do list that mom or dad left.

It’s also a place for grocery lists — not only can you create and store lists on the fridge, the fridge has cameras inside that you can use to peer into the fridge when you’re at the store to make sure you don’t forget to pick up something that you’re out of.

There’s also plenty of app support. You can use Instacart or Groceries by Mastercard to order grocery delivery from home, or order food using Nomiku or Grubhub in case cooking plans go south. And, of course, Glympse can be used to terrify and/or spy on the kids (it’ll show the location of smartphones that have been added to your account).

Like the older models, the Family Hub 2.0 refrigerators can be smart home hubs, too. Samsung has made the Family Hub platform compatible with their SmartThings home automation platform, so as long as you’ve got smart home devices that work with SmartThings, you can control lights, blinds, home alarms, locks, and the like from the refrigerator.

Of course, fridges aren’t cheap, and fridges with smart home technology are only going to be more expensive. The Family Hub 2.0 refrigerators will start at $3,300, which will go up for more expensive refrigerator models.