The Stunning Samsung Frame TV is Available Now

The TV comes with a picture frame bezel, making it a better interior design choice.

Every year at CES, Samsung surprises with a designer TV set — there was the pedestal set in 2015, followed by the TV that looked like an ‘I’ in sans serif font from last year. The pedestal set was designed by Yves Behar, and for this year’s set, Samsung worked with him again to create the Frame TV. Made to look like a picture frame, the set is finally going to be available on June 18.

The Frame TV is a thin 4K HDR set running the Samsung’s Tizen smart TV interface. Available in 55″ and 65″ models, picture frame bezels can be added on to the set, but they will cost extra. Those frames come in white, beige and walnut shades, but they won’t be made of real wood.

Beyond just making the Frame TV look like a picture frame, Samsung has used a few features to really make the TV blend into a room’s décor when it’s not in use. They’ve partnered with 37 artists to supply the TV with over 100 art pieces that can be displayed when they TV is not in use, and additional works can be purchased from Samsung’s Art Store. On top of that, the TV will automatically adjust brightness levels according to ambient light, so the art displayed on the TV won’t look too bright compared to other photos and art hanging on the wall beside it. It also helps that the TV works with Samsung’s No Gap Wall Mount and Invisible Connection cable, ensuring that the TV hangs flat against the wall while hiding the power cable from sight.

Starting on June 18, both sizes of the Frame TV will be available directly from Samsung. The 55″ model will cost $2,000, with the optional bezel at $200. The 65″ model will cost $2,800, with the optional bezel at $250.