The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is Getting a Pink Paint Job, but Only in Some Countries

The new model will only show up in countries in Asia.

Prefer pink on your smartphones? Well, you’re going to need some help if you want the new pink Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus — it’s coming soon, but only to a handful of countries worldwide.

Starting tomorrow, Samsung will start selling the phone in South Korea and Taiwan, calling it a rose pink model — it’s high time we all stopped with the rose gold stuff and started shooting straight. The rose pink Galaxy S8 Plus will only be available with 64 GB of storage, per Samsung’s press release.

To be fair, there’s really no way they could pass this off as rose gold anyway. It’s always hard to tell from renders, but there is no tinge of gold on this thing. This is unabashedly pink!

Samsung does suggest that South Korea and Taiwan won’t be the only two countries to get the phone, saying that they’ll make further announcements through regional partners. We don’t expect it to come to the United States, though, as pink generally doesn’t seem to play well here. If you want one for yourself, you’ll have to find a friend in one of those countries or try your luck on eBay.

Rose pink joins midnight black, orchid grey, coral blue, arctic silver, and maple gold in the stable of Galaxy S8 Plus options — however you feel about pink, it’s nice to see more color options after a long period of the same greys, silvers, and golds!