Women Are Hiding Swords in Their Dresses Just Like Wonder Woman

Women are snapping pictures with all kinds of weapons sheathed in the backs of dresses.

The image of Wonder Woman stowing away her sword in the blue dress has been an iconic one ever since that first trailer. It’s also a simple enough thing to replicate — perfect for a good Instagram trend! Since the movie has come out, the #WWGotYourBack hashtag has been flourishing, with women all around the world showing their support of each other with pictures of them suiting up like Wonder Woman.

It’s a great trend, not only because of the meaning, but because it’s so versatile. Women have been experimenting with all kinds of weapon/dress/franchise combos — including one who totally rocked that Kylo Ren claymore lightsaber with a black dress, finally making the Dark Side fashionable. One even did it with a Mjölnir replica — doesn’t look like the most comfortable choice, but we can appreciate it!

There’s even this adorable mother-daughter shot, which just reminds us of how relieved we are that after a bumpy road with their cinematic universe, DC and Warner Bros. nailed it when it mattered most!


Wonder Woman finally got the movie she always deserved, and it’s inspired women all around the globe as a result. This trend is proof positive that Wonder Woman can be as big of a force in the real world as she is in the comics.