The iPhone 8 Might Cost More Than $1,000

A host of expensive features like an OLED display could add up to the most expensive phone in recent memory.

Want the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer? That could be almost twice as difficult this year — rumblings that the 10th anniversary iPhone may start at more than $1,000 are getting louder, and considering the rumored specs, we’re inclined to join the chorus.

The iPhone is already one of the most expensive phones on the market anyway, and there’s a lot of rumored additions that could easily drive the price up this high. First among them is an OLED display, the likes of which Samsung has had on its high-end devices. There’s good reason for that — Samsung’s the only company to make those AMOLED displays at scale, and rumors are that Apple is paying Samsung a ton of money to get them in an iPhone this year.

We can also add wireless charging to the mix, along with a design featuring a display that covers the whole front of the phone. We’re sure they’ll have some surprises in store for the 10th anniversary iPhone that will drive that price tag up, too.

But, a new theory from erstwhile accurate Apple forecaster John Gruber suggests one more reason for the high price. One of the main reasons Apple hasn’t sprung for OLED displays yet is that they can’t be produced in a large enough amounts to satisfy the enormous demand for the iPhone. Gruber suggests that to make an OLED iPhone possible, Apple will jack up the price significantly to tamp down sales.

You read that right — Apple is thinking of ways to sell fewer units of this phone. It’s a unique (and very good) problem to have. Gruber argues that it’s difficult for Apple to use more expensive, cutting edge components in general because they can’t be produced in large enough amounts. Instead, he figures Apple will make one superpowered, super expensive phone while preserving the regular line, likely resulting in the expected iPhone 7S/7S Plus refresh this September.

Rumors that Apple will announce three models of the iPhone this year have been around for almost a year now, and this theory would fit with previous leaks and predictions. While many outlets have been calling the high-end model of the iPhone the iPhone 8, it’s unlikely that will be the name. Apple will probably be trying to launch a brand new premium line here, and considering they’ve often used the Pro designation in these situations, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was the beginning of the iPhone Pro. It’s also possible it could be called the iPhone Edition, similar to the crazy expensive gold Apple Watch Edition.

If these predictions and all the speculation is accurate, there’s quite a bit of risk here for Apple. They’re basically betting on a $1,000+ price tag chasing off tens of millions of regular iPhone buyers. That’s probably a good bet, but a lot of iPhone users come in expecting to get the best of the best — if they end up wanting to spring for the more expensive phone in droves, Apple could find itself with a nasty supply problem on its hands.

Via Business Insider

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