Assassin’s Creed is Getting Turned into an Anime

With bad video game movies continuing to pile up, animation might prove to be a better medium.

You might have forgotten already, but the video game series Assassin’s Creed got a movie adaptation last year. Michael Fassbender was in it! Well, it happened, and it didn’t go well. Critics, most of whom probably don’t care about the video game series, did not like it. Moviegoers weren’t that much more into it, with the movie only bringing in $54.6 million in North America (a decent international turnout put the movie in the black). As always, the lesson was that maybe video games and movies aren’t the best fit.

Because of the lackluster domestic performance, no one seems to be into doing a movie sequel. Looks like anime is the next stop — in a Facebook post yesterday, producer Adi Shankar revealed that he’s in charge of an Assassin’s Creed anime. No details yet about where the anime will fall in the timeline or if Shankar will try to tie in both present day and historical elements of the series. Shankar did mention that it will be an original story, so it shouldn’t tie into the narrative of the games.

Shankar also produced the recent anime adaptation of Castlevania, which is set to arrive on Netflix on Friday — in other words, we’ll know if Assassin’s Creed is in good hands very soon.

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