The Coral Blue Samsung Galaxy S8 is Coming to United States, and the Galaxy Note 8 Might Not Be Too Far Behind

If you’ve been delaying getting a new Samsung phone, you’re going to have a decision to make soon.

Decisions, decisions. Samsung has just announced that the lovely coral blue Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus (two of the year’s best phones!) are finally going to be available in the United States after an international run, but if you’re in the market for an expensive new phone, you might want to pump the brakes — something even better might be peeking out over the horizon.

The coral blue Galaxy S8 made its way to a few markets when the phone first launched, and starting today, it’ll be available unlocked or with AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. Both Samsung and Best Buy are selling the phone and have limited time deals that will cut down the price, with Samsung also providing their own trade-in discount for qualifying phones. The coral blue color is nice, and there was once a lot of buzz around it — it was the marquee color for the Galaxy Note 7 before that phone went up in smoke.

It’s probably a way to clear out a few more Galaxy S8 units ahead of what figures to be the Galaxy Note 8 launch. Samsung has announced that they’re holding an event on August 23 where they “will reveal the latest member of the Galaxy family with the ultimate multitasking device for those who want to do bigger things with their phone.” That’s a new Galaxy phone being announced right around the time Apple will be announcing the new iPhone, and that historically means a new Note phone.

The pressure will be on the Galaxy Note 8 after last year’s exploding battery fiasco. The disaster, which saw two production runs of the Note 7 halted before the phone was ultimately discontinued, led Samsung to create new battery testing procedures that were implemented before the Galaxy S8 launched, so the Note 8 shouldn’t be a repeat of the Note 7.

So, what will the Note 8 look like? Renders and guesses are already out there, but it’s going to be hard for the physical design to look as good as the Galaxy S8’s, especially because there still needs to be room for the S Pen stylus. The renders so far have shown thicker bezels than what we saw on the S8, although the phone looks sleeker than the Note 7. We’ll find out for sure when Samsung (probably) makes the Note 8 official on August 23.