DuckTales is Getting Funko Pop Figurines Ahead of the Premiere of the New Cartoon

Keep an eye out for keychains, too!

The new DuckTales series starting next month has everyone seeing gold! Funko is joining the party with their first set of DuckTales Pop vinyl figurines, featuring Scrooge, his grandnephews, and (in her new starring role) Webby!

Judging from their outfits, it looks like Funko took more inspiration from the original series than the new one. Webby still has her oversized pink bow (it’s toned down in the new one) and Louie still has his sweater, instead of the hoodie he’ll be rocking soon. Scrooge has his classic blue and red getup, along with his cane and, of course, a gold coin. All five of them are coming to retailers in September — after the debut episode airs, but probably before the regular episodes start on Disney XD.

Funko is also throwing a GameStop exclusive into the mix. Magica De Spell will also arrive in September, along with Gennarino on one hand. If you’ve got room to spare in your pocket or purse, there are also two Pocket Pop keychains that will be widely available — Scrooge and Webby.

Not about that DuckTales life? Funko also announced a 5″ Rock Candy figurine of a super annoyed TinkerBell with a thimble on her head. She joins plenty of other new Rock Candy figurines this summer, including Buffy and Willow and Elvira.