Huawei Made a KFC Phone Just for China

Huawei cooked up a batch of 5,000 red phones bearing the Colonel’s face.

Internationally, the only fast food chain as easy to find as McDonald’s is KFC, and that certainly holds true in China. There’s enough appreciation for the Colonel there to warrant a special edition smartphone. If only Happy Meal toys were this good!

Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t come for free with the order of a 20-piece bucket. It’s sold separately for about $160, and like a lot of fast food toys, it’s not the best quality. It’s not terrible, though — the phone is a variant of the Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus, a 5.5″ phone with a lower-range but still decent Qualcomm 425 chipset. And hey, it’s got a 3,020 mAh battery — paired with that chipset, this Colonel phone will probably last longer than a lot of more expensive phones!

Of course, the phone gets a deep red KFC paint job, too. The crown jewel is the picture of Colonel Sanders embossed on the back, along with 1987 — the year KFC first came to China. The phone is being made in celebration of 30 years of finger-licking good international dominance.

From the looks of the promo video, the phone also comes with an app that lets people stream music from their phones to speakers in KFC restaurants. I have no idea how that works, but I feel confident in saying that is an exclusive feature.

Huawei and KFC only made 5,000 units, which became available last week. I’m getting an aroma, and it’s smelling a lot like eBay. Can you find this phone on eBay already? Oh you know it. One of them has already been bid up to $385 with five days remaining, putting this phone in the pantheon of most unlikely collector’s items of all time.

Via The Verge