Hulu is Bringing Back a Ton of ’90s TGIF TV Series

Family Matters and Full House are just two of the many series Hulu has secured streaming rights to.

Which new shows should you check out this fall? Who cares! If you want guaranteed entertainment, you go with known quantities, and no quantities are known more intimately than the ’90s TGIF comedy lineups. Don’t have all the DVD box sets of those series? No problem — just in time for fall TV season, Hulu is bringing back a whole slew of them for your streaming pleasure.

Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step, Perfect Strangers, and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper will all be on Hulu on September 29, in their entirety. That’s Urkel and Uncle Jesse on your screen anytime, anywhere. Why even make new shows?

To be sure, there’s cause for celebration, but the news isn’t all good. Hulu’s deal is with Warner Bros., which means some crucial TGIF series aren’t going to make the jump. They’re not getting the Disney-owned shows, which leaves out Boy Meets World and, crushingly, DinosaursDinosaurs is a national treasure.

It’s a shrewd move for Hulu. They’ve already scooped up Seinfeld and Golden Girls, cementing themselves as king of TV nostalgia. While Hulu is ramping up their original programming (most notably with The Handmaid’s Tale), their aggressive moves to secure older series set them apart from Netflix, which seems to be becoming something akin to a streaming HBO. Given the current ’90s froth, that could lead to big things for Hulu — doesn’t hurt that they’ve got a pretty good streaming TV service now, too.

Via Vanity Fair