Run Angel is a Wrist-Worn Alarm for Runners and Cyclists

The device will emit a 120 dB siren and send a message to trusted contacts.

There are two kinds of personal safety gadgets — silent and loud. Run Angel is definitely the latter. The wristband blasts out a 120 dB siren with a press of a button, while also sending out texts and emails to trusted contacts.

Unlike a few other personal safety wearables, Run Angel doesn’t try to pass for something fashionable. It’s a plain black wristband with a round core that literally and figuratively screams alarm. That alarm can get up to 120 dB — in a potentially dangerous situation, the wearer can press the device to activate the alarm and an LED beacon light. In addition to attracting the attention of anyone around, the device will push out email and text messages to contacts that the wearer has approved ahead of time.

Those messages will rely on a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone. As long as that connection is good, contacts will see location, helping them get to the wearer. The Bluetooth connection works with an app (Android or iOS), which can also be used to activate the alarm.

Runners, cyclists, or anyone who goes out walking at night can benefit from having one of these. Like with any personal safety wearable, it’s not a fit for everyone or every situation, but the initial shock of a siren that loud could end up being a lifesaver.

Run Angel is made in the UK and Ireland, but ships internationally. It’s available now for €99.00.

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