Samsung’s Awesome All-in-One Soundbar is Now Available

One of the coolest gadgets Samsung had at CES this year is now on the market.

Samsung had a lot of good stuff at CES this year, but it was one of their soundbars that really grabbed our attention. Their MS750 Sound+ Soundbar is pretty awesome for anyone living in an apartment — the sleek bar can produce quality bass without the need for an external subwoofer, making it a solid space-saving choice. If it grabbed your eye, too, good news — it’s available in stores now.

The soundbar isn’t cheap at $700, but it’s little wonder. The MS750 is stocked with 11 speakers, including the six small woofers they’ve used to produce bass frequencies. Those are joined by five tweeters that cover mids and highs — three horizontal, two vertical. It’ll get loud, and even if the bass performance doesn’t match that of a subwoofer, the space saved will probably be worth it.

The MS750 also has Dolby Atmos processing, which can create a pretty convincing virtual surround sound effect that works particularly well for movies, although the soundbar will adjust itself to suit music and games, too. That makes the soundbar a viable replacement for not only a subwoofer, but an entire surround sound system — again, ideal for anyone dealing with space constraints.

There are other practical design features to like, too. The soundbar is VESA mount compatible and can be mounted to a TV. Not only does that mean it won’t take up table space, the sounbar has passthrough charging, so you’ll only need one cord going into the wall outlet for both your TV and the soundbar.

UPDATE 07/13/2017: Samsung mistakenly sent out the price of the MS750 as $500. The price is $700, and the post has been amended accordingly.