Here are the 6 Trailers from San Diego Comic-Con 2017 You Need to Watch

As usual, San Diego got us excited about all the shows and movies in the near future!

All the merch has been bought up, the lines have been survived, and costumes have gone back into the closets. San Diego Comic-Con 2017 wrapped up over the weekend, and while convention-goers have a lot of shiny new Funko figurines to show for it, we’ve all gotten to enjoy the new trailers that debuted at the show. While a lot of the footage remains exclusive to those convention-goers (and they’ve gotten pretty good at tearing down those bootleg YouTube videos), what did get made public definitely stirred up some hype for the last half of 2017.

Thor: Ragnarok

Goddess of Death Cate Blanchett, technicolor Jeff Goldblum, and Gladiator Hulk were enough to sell Ragnarok on their own, really. If the last trailer didn’t get you hooked, maybe a new dose of rad headgear will. Hela has her full-on black horned Maleficent x2 thing, Hulk has his gladiator helmet, and Thor takes the opposite tack and shaves all his hair off. Also, I guess he’s working with Loki this time? I guess not even Loki wants to see Asgard remade in the image of death.

Star Trek: Discovery

It’s been a long road getting Discovery on air, with delays and a change of showrunner along the way. The show will finally premiere on CBS on September 24 before moving to the network’s subscription streaming service, CBS All Access (or Netflix anywhere outside of the United States). Requiring viewers to add yet another subscription might put some fans off, and if we’re being honest, the trailer might not do longtime Trekkies any favors, either.

News that the series would be set in the Prime universe of the old TV series instead of the new J.J. Abrams film timeline got many fans excited for a return to a focus on exploration and contemplation of the infinite mysteries of the cosmos — the trailer, as trailers do, had a bunch of explosions, lasers, and a bad slowed down rendition of a pop song. Trailers don’t tell the whole story, but it’s fair to say there’s a lot riding on the premiere, which will be the only episode to air on the CBS network.

Justice League

It’s a second helping of Wonder Woman on the big screen in a single calendar year, so sign us up. The big DC get-together won’t enjoy quite the meticulous setup that The Avengers did, with a good chunk of the heroes still lacking their own solo movies. It might be good anyway! From the trailer, it looks like things get off track in Themyscira, where Steppenwolf lands. Without a Kryptonian or a Green Lantern on Earth, he likes his chances! He probably shouldn’t.

Some of the scenes seem a little stiff, but we know Gal Gadot can do Wonder Woman, and Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller in particular look game as Aquaman and Flash. We know the movie is still due for reshoots, though — here’s hoping everything comes together nicely by November 17.

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