Back to School Gift Guide 2017

Everything your student needs to get ready for the school year – regardless of age!

I’d say it’s back to school time, but with the way marketing departments work now, it’s been back to school time since school got out. We’ve decided to do students a solid and give them a little reprieve, but now it’s August — reality needs to be reckoned with.

Not that I feel bad for today’s students — there are so many awesome gadgets that can be deftly justified as back to school necessities that it’s safe to say the back to school blow is more than adequately cushioned. We’ve got laptops, snacks, and yeah, even good old fashioned school supplies ready to stock those backpacks (oh, and you know we’ve got backpack suggestions too). And, because professional video game player is an honest profession now, we’ve even got some gaming supplies to lay the groundwork for that most lucrative of careers!

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft’s latest might just be the best piece of hardware they’ve ever made. With great specs, a cushy palmrest, and some beautiful metallic color options, the Surface Laptop is the ideal back to school machine. It’s lightweight, too, although the same can’t exactly be said about the price! But, it’s got the right combination of build and performance to be worth it. It’s currently sitting at $980 on Amazon, but to get one of the nicer colors, you’ll have to spring for the $1,250 configuration.

Amazon – starting at $980

Pen, Ink And Marker/Graffiti Remover

If you’re a parent of a young student who’s about to be opened up to the world of art, you’re probably going to want this. It’s a spray bottle filled with anti-art supply liquid, because as wonderful as the little ones’ masterpieces are, they just can’t stay on the living room wall forever.

Amazon – $15

Knomo Southampton Laptop Backpack

When it comes to toting around school essentials and looking good doing it, we’ll haven’t found anything better than Knomo. They excel at making fashionable, tech-friendly accessories, and their Southampton backpack is just the thing to keep a fresh new laptop well-protected during the school months.

Amazon – $90

Nokia Steel

Hey, that looks familiar! This is the Withings Activité Steel that we reviewed last year — since then, Nokia has acquired Withings and put their name on all of those Withings health products. Now called the Nokia Steel, this is still one of our favorite everyday fitness trackers — a sleek watch that can be paired with just about any fresh back-to-school outfit.

Amazon – $130

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