Coach Has Some Gorgeous New Apple Watch Band Colors for Fall

Coach is mostly introducing new color options for existing designs.

Like any good Apple gadget, the Apple Watch has seen a healthy accessory industry spring up around it. The Apple Watch has seen a host of expensive designer bands over the years, including plenty from Coach. This week, they’re unveiling their limited edition collection for the fall season — and yeah, they’re still almost as expensive as the Watch itself.

We’re mostly looking at new colors on old designs here. The Leather Strap with Tea Rose Applique (38 mm) and the Printed Leather Strap (38 mm) are slightly different than older designs that Coach showcased in their spring collection. The former now comes in black, while the latter is getting white with a cherry print and pink with a floral print.

The Rexy Leather Strap (42 mm) — the plain leather strap with the adorable little cartoon dinosaur printed on it — now comes in yellow, while the Snake Strap (38 mm) is now available in red. A brown Rexy Strap and a green Snake Strap were introduced in the spring.

Haute Ecriture has more details about the new line, but suffice it to say that you’ll want to act quickly if you want one. The new designs will only get 200 and 250 units produced, some of which will be in stores and some of which will be sold online. Coach will restock some of their older designs, too, but don’t expect a ton of units to be produced. The bands range between $150 and $195 — rough price, but hey, they might end up having more longevity than the Watch itself!

Via 9to5Toys