Intel Adds Fiat Chrysler to Its Autonomous Driving Superteam

It’s the latest in a string of acquisitions and partnerships to gear up for autonomous cars within the next decade.

Intel just hit the gas pedal on their autonomous driving efforts. After partnering with BMW, Audi, Delphi, and Mobileye (which they later acquired), Intel has now established a partnership with Fiat Chrysler for the purpose of further testing their autonomous drive systems and hardware. Coupled with the opening of a new autonomous driving lab earlier in the year, it looks like Intel is serious about making autonomous vehicles a reality in the next five to ten years.

The partnership gives Intel another automaker they can work with to test and, ultimately, sell autonomous vehicles. It’s the usual for the industry — we’re well past the days of getting looks at funky-shaped Google cars cruising test tracks. Setting up the infrastructure to ultimately mass produce vehicles is very costly and time consuming — just ask Tesla, which will be struggling to fill its backlog of orders for years to come. Instead, tech companies like Google (now Waymo), Intel, Qualcomm, and Uber (among plenty others) are turning to established auto makers to fuse driverless tech with manufacturing know-how.

In their existing partnership with BMW and Audi, Intel had previously stated its hope to get autonomous cars running on their tech onto the market by 2021. That still seems like a stretch given the infrastructure and regulatory hurdles that need to be jumped first, but it’s not out of the question that, at the very least, the core technology itself could be in place by then. This new partnership with Fiat Chrysler won’t necessarily help Intel get there faster, but it will help them carve out a bigger piece of the pie once they do.

Via The Verge