Lego Expands Their Winter Village With Adorable New Train Station Set

Winter Village Station joins the Holiday Train and the Toy Shop in what’s becoming a Lego holiday tradition.

Just about everyone has holiday traditions — why should Lego be any different? They’re gearing up for prime toy shopping season with yet another addition to their Winter Village, a series of sets that are someday going to demand their own display room during the month of December! This year, they’ve prepped this cute train station with a bunch of awesome little details to enjoy — it’s definitely one you’re going to want to show off.

Winter Village Station has an old-timey feel to it. We even have pieces of evidence to prove its old-timey status! The station attendant is selling actual paper (well, Lego paper) tickets for the train, and looks pleased to be doing so. Perhaps a stretch, but here’s the irrefutable proof — Lego Winter Village exists in a time when you could get an espresso drink or some hot chocolate for less than a dollar. If I’m wrong and Lego Winter Village exists in the present day, I want to get my train tickets and move there immediately.

There’s lots else to love besides the reasonable prices. Grandma’s got an excellent holiday sweater on, there’s a super cool classic shuttle bus driven by a dude with a sweet scarf, and there are some wonderful seasonally appropriate streetlamps bracketing the station.


This set will join last year’s Holiday Train set, which includes train tracks that you can add on to this set. It’s just begging for a robotics add-on set, so you can start running the best holiday train display ever. You can also put it next to the Toy Shop, which was definitely done up in the same style as this Winter Village Station set.

Lego will start selling this set on October 1 for $80. It looks like you can still order the Winter Holiday Train and the Winter Toy Shop sets on Lego’s online shop, too.